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Parking Sensors UK

Parking sensors are a necessity these days whether you are an expert driver a novice.


We are all humans and we all make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes can be very dangerous and very expensive. This is the reason why most of the modern cars come fully equipped with reverse parking sensors.


If your car does not have any parking sensor then you can either go to a dealer for your parking sensors who would happily charge you around 500 or you can do this your self for less than 70 yes that right around 70 pounds.


One of the best places to purchase parking sensors in the UK is there product is brilliant, easy to fit and prices very reasonable. We would highly recommend them. There Kit includes:

The Reverse Parking system contains everything you need for a quick and successful installation: 

> Central Control Processor (CCP)

> Sensors Recessed for that perfect look.

> Internal Buzzer with Speaker

> Installation Instructions

> 12 Month Warranty


The system is really easy to fit.

The system is pre-wired and ready to plug together, the rear only systems require just two connections to the vehicle

(1) Reversing light

(2) Earth.


How does it work ?

The system is automatically activated when you engage the reverse gear. Sensors are fitteed to the rear of the vehicle, they send and receive ultrasonic radio waves which bounce off obstacles and alert you to their presence. There is an internal buzzer that gradually increases in frequency as you approach the object. A continuous tone denotes that you are within 0.35m (1ft) of the obstacle.  


So come and see some other parking sensors suppliers below.

Have you ever had an accident while backing up? How much did that collision cost you and not to mention the increases in the cost of insurance? And have you ever been injured or injured someone else while backing up? Our reverse devices will help!

Statistics say that almost every UK car driver has an accident while in reverse!! And now, there are backup sensor products available that can reduce future wrecks by over 67% when your car is reversing. It is called The Reverse Parking System!


 "Am I suppose to park in there"

The cars are honking, Aunt Rosy is whining and the dinner reservations are slipping through your fingers. After scanning eight city blocks, the only parking spot appears way too small - but you refuse to hand your keys over to the valet guy. If parallel parking wasn't on your driving test (whew!), it's likely you're now backing up repeatedly against the curb. So pull over a moment, catch your breath, and learn these simple steps.

Before you begin

Get a real sense of your car's proportions so you can better evaluate prospective spots. Next time you're out on the road, try the following formula. (It works!)

Pull your car up next to a spot you think will just fit it.

Take a long look at the spot - and know you'll need an additional two feet of space to accommodate both the bumper and your perspective.

If you can't get in after several minutes of trying, you'll probably be better off finding another spot. It's not worth ruining your day.

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